Spilling the tea on our sippable Agourelo bottle

by Allie Pisarro-Grant

If you aren’t already in the habit of sipping on our original organic extra virgin Oracle Olive Oil, you’re going to want to consider adding some of our newly-pressed Agoureleo into your morning routine. We just received the chemical analysis of this season’s batch of “Agoureleo” (meaning "early harvest oil" in Greek) and couldn’t be more excited to share this special product with you. Our Athens-based lab found oleocanthal and oleacein levels of over twice the average, and extraordinarily high levels of polyphenols in total: 899mg/Kg. 

Found in tea, cocoa, olives and other fruits and vegetables, polyphenols are naturally occurring organic chemical compounds. Oleocanthal and oleacein are types of polyphenols which are being studied for their impressive anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Most olive oils have 240 mg/Kg; this year ours has 499 mg/Kg! The Greeks have been utilizing early harvest olive oil since ancient times as a medicine, and finally today science is catching up to explain why. In fact, both acetaminophen and ibuprofen work by blocking a common inflammatory enzyme called cyclooxygenase…and oleocanthal does too.

Our vibrant, unfiltered oil has limited availability because of the short window of time before the olives mature, the laborious process of pulling unripened fruit off the trees, and the pressing’s naturally smaller yields. That’s important to getting the most health benefits though; doing a raw pressing of the small, hard, bright green olives retains the inherent bioavailability of these compounds.

Want to taste these superhero molecular building blocks for yourself? Not only will your palette be able to detect the peppery, astringent and bitter sensations that go hand in hand with such intense plant power, but you might even experience the “cough response.” The cough response is our bodies’ involuntary response when the back of our throat is hit with oleocanthal, and it’s a good thing–the reflex demonstrates the pungency of the oil and its anti-inflammatory potential.

We hope you get your hands on a bottle of this small-batch treasure. With every pour, take a moment to savor its restorative nourishment.