Indulge in Love with Spring & Mulberry + Oracle

by Cristiana Sadidigianis

This Valentine’s Day, we’re partnered with Spring & Mulberry to bring you an indulgent gift set pairing two of their globally-inspired fine chocolate bars with our single-origin extra virgin olive oil bottle. We’ve fallen hard for Spring & Mulberry’s decadent chocolates—not only are they plant based, they’re sweetened with dates rather than refined sugar. The company itself is small, thoughtfully founded and female owned. Plus, their bars are simply STUNNING to behold.

We’ve been big fans of these chocolates for a while, and chose two of our favorites to share with you this week. Their Medjool Date, Pecan, Himalayan Salt bar brings together buttery, slow-roasted pecans, caramel-ly Medjool dates and dark chocolate, for a treat that’s hard to stop munching. It’s crunchy, chewy, salty, and sweet. The Mixed Berry bar features delicious in-season strawberries, blueberries, and red raspberries that bring a mouthwatering jamminess to the date-sweetened dark chocolate. It’s bright and fruity with a tinge of tartness.

Our signature Oracle Olive Oil brings its own refined flavor profile to the party, with bright undertones of fresh grass, artichokes, and green apple. Try a drizzle on the chocolates for an extra antioxidant boost! Our olive oil is rich but well-balanced, with fruity, peppery, and nutty top notes, making for a perfect pairing.

So put some extra love into your pantry this month. Show someone how sweet they are. Your efforts will be savored.

Buy the Limited Edition set here.