Tableware to give and receive

by Oracle Oil Admin

Embrace quality at the table


We believe that quality is always worth investing in, but during the holidays sharing what matters with family, friends, and colleagues makes our choices even more meaningful. That’s why we’re proud to carry two new serving pieces made by artist Tom Allen of Wren Projects in Cornwall, England.

The elegant, ergonomic Ash Serving Board and the handsome, modern Oak Salad Servers are a reflection of our dedication to quality, love for nature, and investment in small-batch production methods.

Shop Serving Boards

Our Ash Serving Boards are produced in Cornwall by hand, using sustainable windblown ash from a local storm-felled tree. The wood is known as olive wood ash due to its similarity to olive wood, full of character and markings from its long life. Natural variations in the wood make each board unique. The board’s form was inspired by the weather beaten coastline, where the sand is arranged into patterns by the waves and rivers that interact with it. They are finished with food grade beeswax and linseed oil.

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Our Salad Servers are made in English oak from sustainably managed local estates. The wood is sealed using a Japanese flame-finishing technique called shou-sugi-ban, giving the simple forms a deep black color and enhancing the grain patterns. The servers were inspired by a walk on the coast path in the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, where the angular black rocks jut out into the Atlantic Ocean. They are finished with food grade beeswax and linseed oil.

About the Artist

Tom Allen is a British photographer and multidisciplinary artist. After 20 years working as a photographer in London and NY in the fashion, luxury and editorial sectors, he returned to his native Cornwall where the natural landscape has always rooted him.  Surrounded by rugged coast, steep cliffs, valleys, wild moors, and the countryside – these inspirations are intrinsic to his work.

His studio, Wren Projects, creates a broad range of work including prints, sculpture, and decorative objects which are beautifully crafted and timeless. Using natural materials, and in some cases nature itself, they perfectly marry form and function.