Discover our limited edition early harvest

by Oracle Oil Admin

It’s that time again! Oracle's limited-edition “Agoureleo” (meaning "early harvest oil" in Greek) is a highly treasured oil that flows out of the very first press of the season—the absolute freshest and most flavorful oil you’ll taste.

Certified as USDA and European Union organic, our Agoureleo is made with green olives that have been picked in late September while still young and unripe, giving the oil a more raw and intense taste with a rich, peppery herbaceousness. The olives are cold pressed within six hours, and the resulting extra virgin olive oil is pure and unfiltered—we bet you haven’t tasted anything quite like it before…unless you brought home a bottle last year!

Our verdant, vibrant green oil during processing.

The health benefits of this special batch are supercharged, too. An average bottle of EVOO might have 150mg of polyphenols—powerful phytonutrients also found in green tea that have been linked to anti-aging antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. Our Agoureleo oil has been measured at harvest to contain 866 mg/Kg. That’s over five times a what you’d find in a bottle on a supermarket shelf!

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