Oracle's Holiday 2023 Gift Set is here!

by Allie Pisarro-Grant

This year we’ve partnered with Virginia Sin and Salt Odyssey to bring you a stunning trio.

Ready to be decanted into Virginia Sin's stoneware Urch Salt Cellar, Salt Odyssey's extraordinary Messolonghi sea salt makes the ideal companion to our signature blue bottle EVOO.

For 15 years, Salt Odyssey has been sharing sea salt harvested at the Salinas of Messolonghi, a natural lagoon in western Greece which is one of the most important wetlands in Europe and which has been the source of up to 80% of the country's salt for decades. After channeling and storing seawater in early spring, summer sun and winds heat and slowly dry it out before being transferred to natural flats where it’s allowed to fully dry until September when the salt is harvested. It is washed with brine to remove unwanted solids, without losing trace elements and minerals, resulting in pure delicious salt. It's a 2018 and 2021 Great Taste Awards winner, and a 2018 Olymp Awards Gold Medal winner.

These salt crystals are naturally formed into beautiful, delicate snowflake-like pyramids that crush between your fingers or crunch satisfyingly in your mouth, which is why we love keeping a little pile at the ready.  Virginia Sin's Urch salt cellar makes salting everything a tasteful affair. Handmade in Brooklyn, NY and curved for just a touch of elegance, this salt cellar is both practical and pretty–equally at home on your stovetop or your dinner table.

Oracle Olive Oil is rich but well-balanced, with bright undertones of fresh grass, artichokes, and green apple. Paired with this fine sea salt, it makes a fantastic addition to some of our favorite dishes, both savory and sweet: lemon bars with olive oil and sea salt, olive oil ice cream with sea salt, radishes with herbed salt and olive oil, homemade aioli, Greek preserved lemons, olive oil mashed potatoes, and olive oil chocolate mousse, to name just a few.

This trio is sure to delight the foodie on your list, and won't be hidden away in the pantry: they'll be out on the counter to admire and enjoy!

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Oracle Holiday 2023 Gift Set

Messolonghi Sea Salt Harvest