Vanity Fair on Oracle's Limited-Edition Agoureleo

by Cristiana

Oracle's Limited-Edition Agoureleo Olive Oil

“Consulting a priestess at the Temple of Apollo sounds like paradise compared with today's handheld means of divination ("refresh" rarely refreshing). But this modern Oracle is one to seek out — and then drizzle over toasted bread. The small-batch olive oil label, run by Cristiana Sadigianis, uses organic Koroneiki olives sourced from a collective of farms in Laconia, Greece (one of which belongs to her family). This limited-run bottle marks the first production of the fall season: young green fruit, pressed into service. According to Oracle, lab tests have shown this early harvest oil to be particularly high in polyphenols — anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that lend credence to the so-called Mediterranean diet. The brand suggests using it quickly, making the most of its peak freshness: a worthy winter goal.”

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