Plant power is miraculous

by Oracle Oil Admin

Our new Botanical Body Oil

My grandmothers held the wisdom of native plants in their being, so deeply ingrained that it was second nature, passed down from their mothers and forged from experience with the land itself. The olive tree in particular was essential to their daily life, their respective orchards forming the basis for their livelihood, the fruit ever-present on their dinner tables, the oil a multi-purpose balm that left them scented with verdant perfume.

With these women as inspiration, I set about creating a body oil that honored their indigenous knowledge of plant medicine. My journey led me in search of an array of herbs and botanicals endemic to the country, represented by the stark variety of elements at play across its peninsulas and islands, from sea fennel to mountain tea.

Beginning with a soothing foundation of organic grape seed oil and Oracle’s signature organic EVOO, our Botanical Body Oil enriches with hydrating, olive-derived squalane and microbiome-friendly fermented olive oil.

Pomegranate, artichoke, almond, sunflower, and chicory oils are supportive components, while organic and wild-harvested herbs and botanicals including rosemary, cypress, sage, bergamot, and geranium complete our formulation.

After three years of development, I’m excited to announce that our oil is available for preorder now. Produced entirely in Greece with the assistance of industry-leading skincare formulators, it’s headed stateside and will ship to customers the week of October 10th.

I hope every bottle helps nurture your inner wisdom while soothing and protecting your outer being.

Cristiana Sadigianis, Founder

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