Oracle x The Thinking Cap: On the Health Benefits of EVOO

by Cristiana

One of Oracle’s very first stockists was the New York City natural beauty and wellness boutique Cap Beauty, which carries a curated selection of high-quality, small-batch, healthful grocery items that our organic olive oil fit right into. To celebrate the collaboration, Cap’s own journal — The Thinking Cap — interviewed our founder about her Greek heritage, the ah-ha moment that led her to start her own olive oil brand, and what makes Oracle’s oil so good (and good for you).

“The benefits of well sourced olive oil are so powerful when the olives have been raised, harvested, and pressed consciously and responsibly. At Oracle we harvest our organic Koroneiki olives in early November, when they’re still green and vibrant, to capture their full nutritional benefit. The longer the olives ripen, the less antioxidants and polyphenols they retain.”