Andros through our eyes

by Cristiana Sadidigianis

Through Our Eyes is Oracle's ongoing series of travel guides to our favorite Greek destinations, with favorite spots and delicious destinations discovered by founder Cristiana in her travels. 

Oracle's Andros Guide

Andros mountains


  • Nonas in Chora has terrific seafood - we love their paper-thin octopus carpaccio and fried cod with "skordalia"; although fish is the main event, you have to save room for their herby meatballs.  The best part is you get to sit right up to the sea and its crashing salty waves. 

  • Visit Kossis Farm for the best wood-fired lamb chops, home-grown on their farm. Their fried zucchinis and fries are terrific as well. Children can ride their horses!

  • Lithodromi features a wonderful setting overlooking the sea and an inventive menu.  We love to come before dinner and have a early evening  dip at the bay at the end of the road, followed by a cocktail at the sweet beach bar and then make our way to dinner.

  • Mastello and Oti Kalo in Batsi, a former fishing hamlet that feels as if it's set in the 50's, both have great local seafood, meat and delicious meze. 

  • My friend Yiannis runs the Andriakon Grocery, the best grocery store on Andros, it's in the port town of Gavrio. It’s very progressive for the island; he sells local and organic products like dried herbs, local cheese, green juices, fermented vegetables, natural wine and delicious baked goods he makes himself.


  • Melisses is run by our friend and glamorous Italian hostess Allegra Pomillo who has exquisite taste and curation and prepares the most delicious breakfast. They also host wonderful retreats throughout the summer. 

  • Onar is set on the east side on a secluded part of Andros, on protected wetlands wich are part of the EU's  nature protection areas, Natura 2000. The hotel feels like it’s an extension of nature. It’s very serene and minimalist. There’s a lovely organic garden, pool, restaurant and the most exquisite beach called Achla. You can take excursions by boat to other parts of the island or to have dinner in Chora.


Andros hiking path


  • Sea Satin in Korthi, set in the town square, offers a contemporary twist on Greek food, plus good cocktails. 

  • Stop in at Neo Bar in Chora for cocktails and pizza.


  • The best clothing store on the island is Waikiki, and they also have houseware, jewelry, fragrances, and amazing sandals. 

Andros beach


  • For amazing hiking trails, choose the  Andros Routes, one hundred kilometers of paths which form a continuous walking route across the entire island.

  • Hire a boat from Explore Andros to take you around Andros for a day or half a day. It’s really nice to swim at beaches that you can't reach by car. We also have gone twice to Tinos for the day to swim and have lunch at one my favorite restaurants called To Thalasski.


  • You can take a boat from Chora to get to Achla, but I prefer to hike from Agios Nikolaos monastery.

  • You take a really beautiful drive that feels like you’re in the Scottish Highlands to get to Vitali beach, where you can also stop in at a simple taverna for lunch. 

  • Apothikes is a gorgeous, clear cove down a really steep road, and has a cafe and beach chairs for lounging.

  • Agia Marina beach also has the most charming fish taverna by the same name–they catch their fish daily and grill over an open fire. 

  • Tis Grias To Pidima beach in Korthi is one of the most famous beaches in Greece. In the southern part of Andros, Korthi has a sleepy 1950’s feel to it; the houses have a faded and muted feel, and it feels like a set of a movie. The cove features a stunning, iconic (and Instagram-worthy) rock formation just off the shoreline. 

Andros beach with rock formation